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Innovation and Excellence

Gage Awards

Through the Gage Awards, the association recognizes members for implementing successful improvement projects; spreads best practices and innovative programs to other organizations; and supports our research, policy, and advocacy work by sharing stories of members’ success with external audiences. View our 2019 winner and honorable mentions below.

Population Health

Gage Awards for population health recognize successful programs that aim to improve specific health outcomes for a defined population or community by addressing the social and economic factors that influence health. Population health may be defined as, “the health outcomes of a group of individuals, including the distribution of such outcomes within the group” (Kindig & Stoddart, 2003).

University Health System
San Antonio Adolescent Health Program
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Honorable Mention
Regional One Health
OneHealth – What Matters Most
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Gage Awards for quality recognize activities that improve the quality of care delivered, improve patient experience, engage patients and their families, and/or reduce or eliminate harmful events affecting individual patients or groups of patients. Quality improvement programs may include evidence-based interventions, standardized practices, bundles of care, and checklists.

UK HealthCare
Safer Opioid Use Within an Academic Health System
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Honorable Mention
Erie County Medical Center
Guideline-Directed Medical Therapy for Heart Failure
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Noteworthy Projects

In addition to the winners and honorable mention projects, we identify applicants that show particular promise in improving population health or quality.

Hurley Medical Center
Food FARMacy—Addressing Food Insecurity
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Memorial Healthcare System
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Parkland Health & Hospital System
Automated Early Warning System for Rapid Response Team Assessments
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Stony Brook University Hospital
Quality Care for Inpatients with Diabetes: A Culture of Excellence
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